Establishing a baseline and comparing your model’s performance to a Dummy

You wake up in the morning, light up your favorite scented candle, make some coffee and breakfast and turn on Spotify for some jams to start the day. While enjoying your morning routine, you suddenly get an idea: what if there was a way to correctly predict a popular song before it actually becomes popular?

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So, like any other data scientist would, you turn on your laptop, find some data from Spotify, and, after preprocessing the data, build a Random Forest model. …

How a multiple linear regression model may help your next home flip.

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The housing market has been on fire lately. Houses are selling above asking price for many reasons, such as the shortage in supply due to declining mortgage rates and people being able to get more value for their money now. This and other factors are causing an absolute frenzy in the marketplace. This is inevitably causing home buyers to struggle with finding good deals. For home flippers, even with the deals that they find, the profit margins are starting to get razor thin.

You must spend money if you wish to make money — Plautus

So, how can data science…

Why visualizations matter and a few insights from a new Data Scientist

It has been about a month since I started my data science journey with the Flatiron School and I have realized, over the past several weeks, how important it is for a data scientist to make compelling visualizations. You may have the best analysis in the world but if you can’t tell the story behind it with clear and easy-to-understand visualizations, you will lose your audience very quickly. …

Berke Tezcan

Aspiring data scientist, video game enthusiast, bookworm, engineer.

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